Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bratzillaz Sashabella Paws

Well, look who was waiting for me at Family Dollar yesterday.

It's Bratzillaz Sashabella Paws.  I had seen her when she was first released at Toys R Us, but I was not willing to pay the price that they were asking at the time.  I'm glad that I waited and that I was able to get her for $10.  Here she is out of the packaging.

She comes with a hairbrush that is shaped like a broomstick, and she also comes with a stand.  She is not able to stand on her own.

She has large glassy eyes.  Her hair is white with black stripes.  Her earrings can be removed.  Her hat is held on by a clear rubber band and can be removed.  She has a permanent tattoo (or "witchmark") on her right thigh.

Her outfit includes a cape, a pink and black dress, long toe-less socks, and black boots.  Here's a look at her outfit without the cape.

Daaaaang!  I turn my back for one minute and Clawd Wolf is already making his move!

Well I guess that he shouldn't waste any time, because one of these days Sashabella is going to lose her head.

Her is Sashabella with some new friends.  From left to right:  Momoko, V.I.P. A.N.T. Farm Chyna, Sashabella Paws, Flavas Kiyoni Brown, and Liv Alexis body with HSM Taylor head.

She has a short torso and long legs.  She has articulation at the shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, and knees.  Her waist can can turn, as well as bend side to side.

Here she is with Howleen Wolf (left) and Clawdeen Wolf (right).  Their articulation is comparable.  Sashabella has articulation at the waist, which the Wolf sisters do not have.  The Wolf sisters have knees that swivel, which Sashabella does not have. 

Here they are from the side.

I have plenty of teen dolls here, so I'm confident that Sashabella will have clothing choices.  I'm more concerned about shoes.  Her feet are slightly longer than Howleen's, and slightly shorter than Clawdeen's.  Sashabella's feet are about the same length as Chyna's, but Sashabella's feet are wider, so they can not share shoes.  In the photo below, they are from left to right Howleen Wolf, Sashabella Paws, Clawdeen Wolf, and Chyna.

Overall, I like her.  I'm not very fond of dolls with oversized heads in general, so I'm looking at her from body donor potential.  I do not like her hair, I do not like her eyes, I do not like her "witchmark", and I do not like her feet.  I think that she has pretty good articulation, and she seems pretty sturdy.


  1. Ah, we think alike ;-)

    I was thinking body donor, lol. From the first photo.

    1. Yes, body donor all the way. I will also be taking some acetone to her "witchmark". :) I just need to find an appropriate teen head for her body.

  2. I love love the pic of Clawd getting his mack on. Lol! I really need to find him. I collect the Wolf family and they are missing their brother. Lol!

    1. LOL Georgia Girl! I was thinking of naming that photo "Monster Mack." :)