Monday, May 1, 2017

Disney Descendants Audrey Swap

Last year I purchased a Disney Descendants Audrey doll.

Quoted from her box:
"Daughter of Sleeping Beauty. Waking her inner beauty."
She caught my eye because of her articulation, so she didn't spend much time in her box. Here is a closeup. She is a cute doll, though her head is large.

She poses fairly well. She has articulation at her elbows, knees, and wrists.

Here she is posing with some of her new friends. Uh-oh, I see the way that Raven is looking at her. I know that look.

And here she is posing with new friends that also have large heads.

But ultimately, she lost her head, and became my first head swap of this year (back in January).

Raven got her body, which is more appropriate for her, since she represents a teen in my collection. The body is a little lighter than Raven's head, but it's close enough for me. It bothers me only a little bit.

Here's a look at her articulation.

The new Raven fits right in with other teen dolls in my collection.

She can share clothes with many of the dolls here, and she can wear Bratzillaz Sashabella Paws' boots. Her shoes are too large for Sashabella.

I think that she looks better in tops that cover her neck, so that the skin tone difference between her head and body are not as readily apparent.

Raven is just as popular as ever with the teen boys in my collection.

So in conclusion, I like Audrey, but I like Raven on Audrey's body much better.


  1. She looks very nice on that body! Great swap!

  2. Thanks for showing the head knob on Descendants body, I might have more courage with swaps now. Was the head hard to remove? Raven looks really nice on the new body. :)

    1. Hello IHime! No, it wasn't hard at all to get Audrey's head off. You can see many more neck posts on the Doll Head Removal tab located at the top of my blog. Here's the link. Have fun swapping. :)

  3. Great body donor!Difference in shades isn't too big.
    Can I ask what body is using BFF doll?

    1. Thank you, jewel snake! BFC Calista is on a Super Model Bel doll body.

  4. Raven on Audrey's body looks great. The difference in body and head tones isn't very noticeable at all and once she's dressed she looks fantastic. Great body swap.

    1. Thanks Carrickters! I like Raven much better on this body.