Monday, March 27, 2017

In The Minority

My collection consists mostly of Black dolls. In a previous post, I highlighted my Hispanic/Latino dolls. In this post, I highlight my non-Black and non-Hispanic/Latino dolls.

40th Anniversary Ken
Babydoll knock-off on Phicen S02A 
Mattel Becky 
Talking Presidents William J. Clinton
Liv Daniela 
Dollar Store Guy
Fun To Dress Barbie 1988 on DML Amy
Mattel Harry Potter on Obitsu 
Happy Family Grandma
Takara Jenny R&B Calendar Girl
Justin Bieber
Mattel Kevin 
Phicen PLLB2014-S08 Large Bust Tan
Flavas Liam 
Dragon Linh 
My Scene Kennedy
High School Musical Sharpay 
Sideshow Mandy
Star Trek Barbie
Star Trek Ken 
Mattel Todd
Hairspray Tracy Turnblad 

 Here is a group photo.

And here is the complete Star Trek set.

Having these dolls out reminded me of something that I've been meaning to do for a while.

I got Liv Daniela from the thrift store last year with one purpose in mind: to give one of my dolls an articulated body. Now Sharpay is posing much better!

Justin Bieber approves of Sharpay's transformation. I think that these two are going to be singing a lot of duets together.


  1. These are all nice. I considered R & B Music Calendar Girl Takara Jenny black.


    1. Thanks Debbie! I was on the fence about Jenny and Momoko. I asked myself if Jenny's afro made her Black, and if Momoko's tan skin made her Black. I decided that since these dolls are just like other Jennys and Momokos with the exception of those changes, they probably aren't Black. I also think that I probably should have included Daniela with the Hispanic/Latino dolls.

    2. I get your reasoning. So what ethnicity do you think Reggae Music Ginny represents?


    3. With her combination of tan skin and ethnic hair, I would say Black. So I had to pull out my Jenny again and take a look at her skin. She is slightly darker than most of my other White and Asian dolls, so maybe she's Black. Momoko is definitely darker than all of my White and Asian dolls, so is she Black also?

  2. Very nice group! I think it is good to have diversity in a doll collection! My collection focuses on all 1:6 scale dolls of all races!

    I really like your Dragon Lihn doll!

    Sharpay looks good on the LIV body. I am sure Justin is very happy with her new found mobility!

    1. Thank you Phyllis! I like having diversity in my collection also in all ways. I like having dolls of varying ages, shapes, sizes, etc. When I'm considering adding a new doll to my collection, I ask myself if the doll has something that is not already represented with my current dolls. But sometimes I just want more of a good thing. :)