Saturday, April 7, 2012

Headplay Michael Jordan

I purchased a Headplay Michael Jordan head.

It is beautifully painted with a striking resemblance to Michael Jordan.  Maybe I should only post close-up photos.  No, I'll show you everything, even if it ain't pretty.

Here he is on the Blue Box body that I had ready for him.

This body is too skinny and too short for MJ.  He will have to have a new body, which is unfortunate because this body closely matches his skin tone.

The head came with a light colored neck connector.  Why oh why did they send a neck connector that does not match the head?  I can only wonder.  I tried to put the neck connector on the body, but could not, even after heating it with a hair dryer.  I asked my husband to put it on, and he was close, but the neck connector split.  I used a Hot Toys neck connector that is closer to MJ's skin tone, but is too dark.

My MJ is also currently having some issues with his hands.  The hands that he's pictures with have pins that are too thick to fit into the arm sockets.  I will have to make some permanent modifications in order to get them to fit (I'll save that for another day).

Here is a photo of MJ holding the neck connector that arrived with him.

 Denzel had to give up his hands to MJ.  Now I will also need to modify Denzel's Hot Toys wrist pegs in order to get his hands to fit on his body.

I wanted to put MJ on a taller body with broader shoulders.  I considered my Hot Toys and my Triad Omega bodies.  Neither is a close skin tone match.  Plus, I am very hesitant to make any modifications to my Triad Omega because he is not sturdy and I do not want him to fall apart in my hands.

Here is my MJ figure compared to a TTL body.  The TTL body is slightly taller and broader that the Blue Box body.

Maybe I'll buy MJ another body one of these days.  But for now, he'll have to wear bulky clothing to minimize his shortcomings.

Check out my new video featuring my Michael Jordan figure!


  1. So sorry you and MJ experienced so many body issues.

    I loved the video! The music was perfect for this dilemma!


  2. Hi Roxanne,

    I really enjoyed your blog and your Calista and Bob video. I missed you while you were on hiatus and am very glad to see you are back to posting and making doll videos. I learned a lot about action figure head-swapping from this post. Thanks!

  3. Great video. I enjoyed it. I like the ttl bodies better.

  4. Thanks for sharing this video. It's cute. Poor MJ!

    Happy Easter!

  5. Thank you dbg, limbe dolls, Male Doll World, and D7ana! Happy Easter!

  6. Waw ! Where did you get this head ??? It's very interesting !

    1. Thank you, Shasarignis! I got mine from eBay. You can also find them here: