Sunday, April 8, 2012

Calista's Diary Entry: Easter Blessings

Dear Diary,

Today is Easter and it was a great day.  Well, I think that I'm too old for Easter baskets now.

I still like wearing Easter bonnets, though.

And it's fun seeing the boys all dressed up.

There was one boy in particular who looked especially handsome today.

Check out this video.  Most of it is from the Easter Parade 3 years ago, but there are some shots of me and my friends from today.  Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. These are beautiful Easter stills and video. the children and young adults look very beautiful.

    Question: Who stole Calista's feet and whose feet is she wearing? LOL!


  2. Thanks for sharing the Easter pictures. Everyone is looking really nice. I was thinking the same thing about Calista's feet, but then I recognized them as Bratz feet. She has one of the new articulated Bratz bodies. Right? I enjoyed the video, too.

    1. Enjoyed the video. Who is the girl with the green hair in the back?

  3. Thank you Debbie, Vanessa, an limbe dolls! Yes, Calista is now on an articulated Bratz body. Love the articulation, do not love the feet. The girl with green hair is Lollipop Girl Bebe

  4. Hello from Spain: I really like your doll Callista. she is very elegant in her clothes for the day of Easter. The boys also very elegant. sHe is very good new unit of the Bratz. In Spain, the premiere children clothes for the day of Easter and people hit the street very elegant. Happy Easter. Keep in touch.

  5. Thanks for that treat. Nice to see all the people dressed up in their Easter fashions.

    I can understand not loving the Bratz feet. They draw attention to themselves. But I can see it is more fun to be able to pose Calista.

  6. Thank you Marta and Dana! Yes, Calista is much more fun to pose on the Bratz body. Maybe one of these days someone will make smaller feet that fit Bratz bodies. Well, a girl can dream...