Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dragon Jennifer

I searched for over a year before I was able to purchase my Dragon Jennifer action figure (101st Airborne Division *Special Version*). I knew that she would be a great addition to my collection and would fit well with my other female action figures. I had seen pictures of her, so I knew that she wasn't exactly a beauty queen. But I wanted her anyway. And the more I searched and the harder she was to find, the more I wanted her.

I don't understand the shading on her face. It reminds me of the ghoulish make-up that Michael Jackson wore for his Thriller video dance scene. She will get a repaint one day. Oh it's okay, I have 2. I was so excited to find her that I decided to get 2, and 1 has never been removed from the box and will remain that way.

She came with guns and knives and stuff, but I don't care about any of that. I wanted to know if she could fit Barbie clothes. Well, she can, but she's not exactly cut out for Barbie fashions.

Nonetheless, I was determined to find a more glamorous look for her.
I failed.

She has molded hair, which I hate on female dolls. But she comes with detachable hair - both a ponytail and a bun. In the picture above, she is wearing LIV doll Alexis' wig, which is way too big.

I really like her articulation and she is fun to pose. I think that her face has a lot of potential with the right repaint.


  1. Congratulations on Dragon Jennifer. I'm glad you were able to find two. She's kinda scary. I wouldn't want to run up on Jen on one of her bad days or even cross her on one of her good ones. :-)


  2. Thank you Debbie! I've had her for a while now. Yeah I wouldn't want to mess with Jennifer - she carries knives and guns. At least she USED to. Around here she'll be carrying handbags.

  3. Morpheus (Matrix)from N2 Toys has that same shading on his face. I tried to take it off with nail polish remover and found that he wasn't black under the paint. Bummer! Now he has a pink spot on his cheek. I bought another to replace him. I have not figured out to do with this one.

    Yeah she does look a little ruff but you have her. I have a GI jane who I put bangs on to make her look softer. Without them, she looked like a young boy.

  4. Thanks Ms. Leo! I also tried to take the black shading off with nail polish remover and I found out that she is white underneath her paint. She will most definitely need a repaint one of these days.

    I have a couple of GI Janes. One looks boyish and the other one looks manly. When the boyish one arrived in civilian clothing, my husband asked "Who is he?". I tried to help them look a little bit more girly with wigs and evening gowns. LOL! I'll post the results next.

  5. I guess the black shading is dirt? I have a Taboo action figure with smudges like that. I just let them be - afraid I would mar him if I tried to remove them.

    Well, everyone can't be glamorous. Jennifer has um character. And she's fun to pose. That's nice.

  6. lol she is kinda scary - very tough and I laughed of the pic of her with the wig and girlie outfit. She does look very poseable, but kind of daunting.

  7. Dana, her Caucasian counterpart doesn't have any "dirt" on her face. :( It's okay that she's not glamorous, I just don't want that dark shading on her face. I will throw a wig on her from time to time though. :)

    Sabriam, she is very fun to pose, but I haven't used her much at all because she's not very photogenic.