Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Different Look

You know, it's important for a girl to have choices. Who wants to be stuck with the same look all the time? That's why upon Clawdeen's arrival, she immediately started looking around for others that she could share with.
Clawdeen can not fit Lollipop Gils Bebe's boots, nor can she fit Winx Club Layla's shoes. Bebe can wear Clawdeen's boots.

Clawdeen can wear Jakks Pacific Lola's shoes. Lola can not wear Clawdeen's boots.

Here is Clawdeen with her new look. Her hands and her forearms come off to make it easier to redress her. They come off extremely easily. They come off when I don't want them to come off. On the other hand, her head is very securely attached to her body. I want to take her head off, but I've been unsuccessful.

Here are my dolls that are skinny enough to share clothes with Clawdeen. They can all wear the same skirts. Clawdeen and Layla can wear the same tops (the lengths will vary on them obviously). Juku Couture Kana can wear Clawdeen's jacket once I remove her hands (Clawdeen and Kana can not swap hands, in case you were wondering). Clawdeen can wear some of Hottiez Kiara's jeans, depending on the length.

Clawdeen is having fun and making friends in her new home.


  1. This is wonderful information, Roxanne. I love the clever way you covered Clawdeen's ears using her hair. This has almost enabled me to take the plunge and buy her to give her a complete makeover. We shall see!


  2. Thanks Debbie! I hope that you do get Clawdeen because I want to see how you'll make her over. :) I hope that you like her!

  3. Great comparison Roxanne, They are all so cute! If only Clawdeen didn't have those fangs!!

  4. Thank you Margaret! I'm still debating on whether or not to re-paint her lips. I'm not crazy about her fangs or ears.

  5. While it kind've belies the point of Clawdeen to take away her monster attributes, I really loved this post! Especially to see a Kiara. The hottiez are SO impossible to find!

  6. Thank you pikapika217! I have not permanently altered Clawdeen, but I still have thoughts of swapping her head with another doll. I like her body and her fashions, but still have not really bonded with her monstrous features. I'm glad that you enjoyed this post. I'll have to showcase Kiara a little more in the future. :)